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It's been another impactful year at Briercrest. Students have filled the Hildebrand chapel, the dining hall, and their classrooms with life and activity. We have seen them grow as servants and leaders, bringing their classroom learning to roles on campus, in the Church, and in parachurch ministries. We recognize that donor contributions make it possible for many of them to attend Briercrest, and we are grateful for those who continue to subsidize student fees and provide funds for scholarships, awards, and bursaries.

Our facilities have provided people with places to gather and worship, learn, or relax together. We recognize that donor contributions help to furnish, update, and maintain the places we live in—like our dorms, athletic facilities, and chapel spaces. Our unique environment is a central part of our ministry here at Briercrest, and we are grateful for those who partner with us to create these spaces.

Through programs like our BA Applied Linguistics: TESOL, we have continued to deliver excellent academic opportunities to students. Our professors have thoughtfully prepared courses, while our academic support staff and our leadership have worked to ensure the high quality of our academic experience. We are committed to providing outstanding Christian education with this guiding ambition: to see leaders inspired to equip the Church and engage the world.

Finally, our donors have partnered with Briercrest in achieving Kingdom mission. Because of this, we have been able to equip students with a better understanding of their place in the church and the significance of engaging the world with the gospel. Donor generosity touches every aspect of life at Briercrest, and we are committed as an institution to stewarding these gifts well. Thank you for remembering us in your prayers and in your gifts. We have seen God's mighty hand at work among us, and we look forward to His continual provision in the coming year.



Michael B. Pawelke

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My studies at Briercrest have convinced me of the necessity of joining the work of the academy to the life of the Church.
Stephanie Chase (Seminary) Class of 2017