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The Church And the Marketplace

We say it all the time. We are about…Equipping The Church AND Engaging Our World!

Our vision tagline is deeply significant. We are seeking to inspire students to become agents of influence; to help resource the church in fulfillment of her mandate and to engage the world with the gospel, with hope, with solutions, with creativity, with order, and with everything that is true, honorable, just, pure, and lovely. Our vision anchors us in our 80 year history of serving the church and inspires us with the challenges of tomorrow. At the heart of this vision is giving students a sense of call to partner in the work of God. Next to knowing and loving God, what could be more meaningful than serving God?

I found the following link from Eventide to be of great interest as we seek to give students this sense of intention. This article particularly explores the churches' engagement in business and marketplace settings.

Partnering together in the integration of faith, learning, living, and influencing,


Michael B. Pawelke, DMin

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I'm so grateful to God for this community, that loved, encourages, and supports each other! I can say that in the future, I will look back on this year as being one of the most foundational in my Christian walk.
Jared Bayley Class of 2017