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Refined/Undignified is a passionate group of people who love seeing teenagers set free from bondage in their lives. We accept groups of Briercrest students each year who desire to impact lives through the power of performing arts. We equip them to use the medium of dance to connect with this generation and address hard issues that teenagers are facing. This is our 10th year as a group and we have been able to travel around to schools, churches, camps and youth centers across Canada from BC to Ontario. We also have toured London, England and surround areas in the summer of 2007 and 2009.

Our desire is to reach the lost with the hope of Jesus Christ. Our ministry encompasses many aspects; from training in dance to mentoring relationships and developing young people to serve the Lord in everything they do.  Refined/Undignified is all about reaching a hurting generation through the discipleship of Christ followers' by presenting a relevant portrayal of the Gospel through the power of music and dance. 

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