YQ Party with Purpose


Winter 2015

When you come to Youth Quake, come early and experience two days and two nights of real college life on the Briercrest campus. Register for Youth Quake and then extend your stay by registering for Experience Briercrest (FREE).

What will I do at Experience Briercrest?

  • attend college classes
  • connect with current students
  • tour the campus
  • stay in student residence
  • enjoy meals in our dining hall
  • participate in group entertainment options
  • hang out with other future Briercrest students

Why should I come to this event?

When does it start?

Plan to arrive by 3:00pm on Wednesday, February 11. There is a full schedule of activities that run from Wednesday afternoon until Friday at noon when YQ begins.

How much does it cost?

We are covering the cost of Experience Briercrest, all you have to do is get yourself here! The event covers accommodations, meals, and group activities.

How do I register for the event?

Register online at www.briercrest.ca/experience or (800) 667-5199.

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