YQ Party with Purpose

Youth Worker Sessions

All Youth Worker Sessions will be in The Landing.

Session #1: Graham Stanton - What is the Bible, and what do we do with it?

Unless teenagers understand what the Bible is they won't know what they ought to do with it. In this seminar we will explore the nature of the Bible as the book of the covenant and outline ways to engage teenagers with the Bible so that they might engage with God.

Session #2: Graham Stanton - Transforming Stories

The stories we tell have the power to transform our lives. In this seminar we will explore how stories work and how they can be effectively used in youth ministry to share the gospel with young people.

Session #3: Marv Penner - Helping Kids Whose Hurts are Deep

Most of the kids we work with are hurting much more deeply than we or they are willing to admit! Marv will give you some practical help in determining appropriate responses to some of the wild stuff you encounter with students and you'll be introduced to a number of basic but important people-helping skills.

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