YQ Party with Purpose


We are the broken.

There is a brokenness that we deal with in the midst of our lives. The reality is that life can tear us down and leave us feeling hopelessly broken.

In many places The Bible shows us that we can go from feeling hopelessly broken to Broken + Hopeful. 2 Cor 4:7-10 speaks to the fact that while we are beat down, we are not defeated. Struck down but not destroyed. The good news of the gospel is full of reasons to see our brokenness, yet to be incredibly hopeful in Jesus Christ.

As Jesus enters into our world changing us from the inside out he shows us the hope we have in his marvellous love. We recognize that while we are broken... we are at the same time hopeful in our saviour Jesus Christ. no matter the brokenness around us and within us, we have the hope that this world needs to hang on and start putting the pieces of life back together.

We are the broken and we will be the hopeful. 


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