Student residences: Students coming to campus for a modular course may stay in a student residence room (as available). Generally, seminary students will be placed in their own private rooms. Typically, this will also include a private bath and be on a very low-occupancy hall to ensure a quiet environment conducive to sleep and study. Both room and board and room-only options are available. For more information, contact

Pilgrim InnPilgrim Inn: The 42-room inn is only a three-minute walk from the seminary building. The comfortable setting is ideal for individual and group study. Take advantage of the in-room coffee, the fireplace, and the quiet surroundings. For reservations, please call 1-877-355-5002.

Community Homes: There are also many homes for short term stay in Caronport. Click here for a list.

sundbo.jpgThe Sundbo Place apartments provide comfortable and quiet rooms for our single seminary students who choose to move to Caronport. This residence has plenty of space and privacy, allowing for an adequate study location during your stay at Briercrest. Additional student residences are available as the need arises.

For long-term accommodations including mature student

and family housing, go here.