Specialized Ministry: Leadership and Management

Master of Divinity

The MDiv in Specialized Ministry equips students for vocational Christian service (this is a typical ordination track degree).

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is a professional degree designed to equip students for vocational Christian service. It is the degree typically required of those seeking ordination in Christian ministry. The program is designed with both balance and breadth in mind-students receive a solid and well-balanced foundation in biblical and theological studies as well as an opportunity to develop specific areas of ministry.

Anticipated Outcomes

  1. Articulate an evangelical theology that demonstrably arises out of Scripture and finds expression in all areas of life and ministry.
  2. Be equipped for serving in the local church and its global mission.
  3. Be recognized as a mature disciple of Jesus Christ.

MDiv graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a capacity to guide individuals and congregations in their spiritual development.
  2. Demonstrate a capacity to preach sermons using a sound homiletical method.
  3. Demonstrate a capacity to lead within the local church in carrying out its mission with both theological sophistication and cultural awareness.

Graduation Requirements

  • Complete the 90 credit hour program of studies as outlined
  • Achieve a minimum of a 2.50 cumulative grade point average on a 4.00 scale
  • Complete at least 30 hours of this program through Briercrest
  • Successfully complete a Portfolio and Interview
  • Receive the recommendation of the seminary faculty
  • Complete all program requirements within 10 years after beginning studies
  • Meet all financial obligations to the seminary
  • Fulfill all academic and financial requirements

Degree Requirements (90 credit hours)

Core (12 credit hours)

In consultation with the Program Coordinator, students choose one course from each of the following four areas of study:

Course Credit Hours
Christian Ministry Formation* 3
New Testament 3
Old Testament 3
Theology OR History 3

*May include CM 600 Spiritual Formation for Ministry, CM 601 Philosophy and Foundation for Ministry; LE 605 Personal and Service Development

Bible/Theology/History (27 credit hours)

Biblical Languages (Hebrew or Greek - check prerequisites)
BLST 602 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation
Old Testament elective
New Testament elective
BLST 717 The Former Prophets
BLST 719 The Latter Prophets
BLST 722 Gospels 3
HIS 761 The Patristic Fathers 3
THEO 653 Theology of Christ and Reconciliation
THEO 654 Theology of the Holy Spirit and Redemption
THEO 754 Shepherd the Flock 3
Bible OR Theology Elective 3

Christian Ministry (21 credit hours)

CM 601 Philosophy and Foundation for Ministry 3
CM 621 Theology of Mission & Evangelism
CM 814 Ministry Issues in Contemporary Culture
CM 632 Homiletics 3
CM 701 Pastoral Theology and Practice 3
CM 835 Advanced Preaching
CO 603 Foundations of Marriage and Family Counselling
LE 603 Leadership and Management Foundations 3
THEO 641 Theology of Christian Worship 3

Research (6 credit hours)

RD 701 Theological and Ministry Research 3
RD 809 Specialty Research Project 3

Electives (24 credit hours)

Leadership and Management Track electives 12
Open electives 12

Non-credit Requirements

RD 704 MDiv Experiential Integration Non-credit
Portfolio and Interview Non-credit

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Program Coordinator:
George Boyd, DMin