Seminary Calendar

calendarcover.gifThe seminary calendar provides detailed information on degree and certificate programs, courses, academic policies, current faculty, and the history and mission of the school. Most of this information is also available throughout the seminary webpages.

Download the 2013-2014 Seminary Calendar

Addendum 1 - Master of Christian Ministries

Briercrest Seminary is happy to introduce a new program for the 2013-14 school year:

Master of Christian Ministries

Addendum 2 - New Course Addition

New Seminary course for 2013-14:

LE 650 Aboriginal Epistemology and Pedagogy

An examination of Aboriginal learning philosophies and instructional strategies, both of which demand an understanding of Indigenous epistemology. Designed for those who will be both learners and leaders in diverse cultural contexts, this course investigates Aboriginal ways of knowing and being and the art of teaching and instructing in a manner that respects Aboriginal protocols and knowledge.

Archived Seminary Calendars

If you began studying at the seminary before September 2012, you may access the corresponding academic calendars here:

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