Charles Hackney, PhD

Charles Hackney
Associate Professor of Psychology Faculty of Arts and Science


BA, George Fox College, 1996
PhD, University at Albany, SUNY, 2003


Dr. Hackney's specializations include the following:

  • the positive psychology movement, focusing on
    • interactions between psychology, philosophy, and theology on the topic of optimal human functioning
    • the question of character development through training in the martial arts
  • terror management theory, focusing on the search for meaning in the face of death
  • the psychology of religion, focusing on
    • connections between religion and mental health
    • the use of attachment theory to describe the believer's relationship with God


Dr. Hackney is a social/personality psychologist. He and his family have lived in Caronport since January 2010, and he has found that his background in Fairbanks, Alaska, has equipped him well for the task of living in the middle of nowhere! He is fond of Shakespearean theatre, having performed in a number of productions. He is also a martial arts instructor with the Caronport Bartitsu Society.


Interactions between psychology, philosophy, and theology
Terror management theory
Religion and mental health
Psychology of martial arts


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Association for Psychological Science
Society for Personality and Social Psychology
Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
Christian Association for Psychological Studies
International Network on Personal Meaning
International Positive Psychology Association