Each year, our president, Michael Pawelke, shares a Christmas message, focusing on a particular aspect of the season. This year, Michael reflects on the Magi and the gifts they brought to worship Jesus. While these gifts were valuable, the most incredible gift given was the one the Magi themselves could receive: the gift of a restored relationship with God. We also have the opportunity today to receive this gift. In light of this amazing gift, Michael encourages us to give generously this Christmas—giving of our time, energy, and resources to those around us, those in need, and to Jesus, the Saviour who has rescued us.

Original artwork by Briercrest students: Meg Peters, Brae Koop, Rebecca Smith, Jackson Clarke and Bryann Seib
Original music by Briercrest student: Andrew Young

What makes a Briercrest education so valuable?

From the President

My daily routine begins like many of yours - with a piece of toast, a robust cup of coffee, and some conversation with my family. But before I launch into the work before me, I open my Bible. This practice has been an indispensable part of my life since I first trusted Jesus as a young teen. Every time I open the Word of God I learn something about God, something about life, and invariably, something about me. The response in my spirit is always the same,"But by the grace of God I am what I am" (1 Corinthians 15:10).

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President's Blog

Oct 2, 2017 
He must increase, but I must decrease

This summer I read through the Gospel of John and one episode latched on to me and I simply couldn't shake it. I reflected. I studied. I even spoke on the passage at our faculty retreat in August. Please indulge me as I share my ruminations with you today (yes, a review for our faculty).

Failure will visit us all from time to time and so will success. John the Baptist knew the excitement and elixir of seeing people get their lives right with God. But as Jesus' ministry gained momentum, John soon became yesterday's story. When asked how he was processing these dramatic shifts in loyalty his response was fascinating, almost self-deprecating and certainly inspired by an unquestionably clear sense of call. The Gospel writer records:

Now a discussion arose between some of John's disciples and a Jew over purification. And they came to John and said to him, "Rabbi, he who was with you across the Jordan, to whom you bore witness&m...
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