Ken Guenter, MA

Ken Guenter
Associate Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern History Faculty of Arts and Science


Diploma, Briercrest Bible Institute, 1968
BA, University of Saskatchewan, 1971
Saskatchewan Teacher's Certificate, 1972
MA, Wilfred Laurier University, 1979
Old Testament Studies, Regent College, 1981, 1983


Old Testament (Latter Prophets)


Ken has been part of the Briercrest College and Seminary faculty since 1972. He is married to Judy, and they have four sons and three daughters-in-law: Michael, David and Lindsay, Mark and Adriana, Daniel and Kathryn. He enjoys pottery, watercolours, painting large murals, coaching football, and fishing with friends like Carl (Hinderager). He loves teaching God's Word and being surprised by what he learns from it. He and Judy often comment on what a privilege it is to spend their lives with students.


My research focuses primarily on the intertextual coherence of the Old Testament, especially the use of Moses in the Latter Prophets, but also in the Former Prophets and Psalms. I am fascinated by the potential of this intertextual network for identifying the central threads of an Old Testament Biblical Theology and for its relationship to New Testament Biblical Theology.


"Implications of Palaeolithic Stratigraphy for Creationist Models of Prehistory." Creation Research Society Quarterly, Vol. 18, Num. 3, 1981.


Evangelical Theological Society