Neil Soggie, DMin, DLitPhil, PhD

Neil Soggie
Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology Faculty of Professional Studies and Performing Arts


  • BA - Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute
  • MA - Briercrest Seminary
  • MMin - Trinity Western University
  • MA - Concordia University - Chicago
  • CLF - Lutheran Theological Seminary
  • CANSc. - Maastricht University
  • MEd - University of New Brunswick
  • MPS (cand.) - St. Stephen's College/University of Alberta
  • DMin - Faith Lutheran College & Seminary
  • DLitPhil - University of South Africa
  • PhD - Chernivisti National University/PHI


Marriage and Family Counselling, Psychology, Existential Psychotherapy


Originally from Saskatchewan, Neil joined the Briercrest faculty in 2012. He has extensive experience as an educator and counsellor; holding positions in several universities, public and private schools, public mental health and in private practice. Neil remains engaged in professional counselling as a Director of Existo Counselling Services Inc. - He also has ministry (Lutheran) experience in youth and family ministry and institutional chaplaincy.

Neil is married to Heidi and they are the proud parents of Jordan, Emily, and Ayden.


Marriage and Family Counselling (Collaborative, Narrative, & Existential), Psychology (Hypnotherapy, History, Creativity, Happiness, Affective Disorders, Sexuality), Existential Psychotherapy (Logotherapy, Existential Analysis, Daseinsanalysis), Biblical Studies (Joshua, Wisdom Literature)


Recent articles

  • Soggie, N. (2012). Terror and its management in the first Crusade: Ashkenazic Jewry and recent scholarship. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Soggie, N. (2012). Transcending discursive conflict: An existential phenomenological investigation into higher educational leadership. Encyclopaideia: Journal of Phenomenology and Education.32(16).
  • Soggie, N. (2010). The pursuit of happiness: Logotherapy in practice. Louisiana Journal of Counseling, 19(2).
  • Soggie, N. (2010). Thinking, relating, and choosing: Resolving the issue of faith, ethics, and the existential responsibility of the individual. The Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology, 9(2).
  • Soggie, N. (2009). The E.N.D.: Managing existential noetic dread.Logotherapy and Existential Analysis: An international journal for education, research, and practice. 12(9)
  • Soggie, N. (2009). A phenomenological investigation into self-evaluation anxiety in education. Encyclopaedeia: Journal of Phenomenology and Education. 9(26).

Sample of Books:

  • Soggie, N. (in process) Viktor E. Frankl: Life and Work.
  • Soggie, N. (2009). Professional handbook for mood and anxiety disorders. Oxford: Rowman and Littlefield.
  • Soggie, N. (2007).Myth, God and War. New York: University Press of America.
  • Soggie, N., Soggie, H., & Tysdal, B. (2005). Existo: Worldview and a meaningful existence. New York: Hamilton Books.



  • New Brunswick Association of Counselling Therapists
  • Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
    • The Association of Counselling Educators
    • The Association for Spiritual and Pastoral Care in Counselling (Former Vce-President)
  • International College of Affective Neuroscientists
  • American Counseling Association
    • International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors
  • International Society for Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy


  • Canadian Psychological Association