Student Development

Student Development Staff

Vice President of Student Development   David Cole
Student Development Administrative Assitant   Lori MacLeod
Dean of Residence Life   Gord Hanson
Director of Counseling and Health Services  
     and Associate Dean for Seminary Students   Tony Schnare
Community Life Coordinator   Tracy Taylor
Student Leadership Training Coordinator   Dan Gabor
CHS Chaplain   AJ Crocker
Refined Undignified Director   Adrian Webber

Residence Directors

Sinclair Whittaker / Eliason   Dan Gabor
Lewis Apts / Sundbo 3   Mark Vust
CHS Boys   Korey Reimer
Isabel Whittaker   Terry Wolverton
Bergren Place / Sundbo 2   Kathy Runnalls
Hillson Hall (CHS girls)   Debbie Jensen
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