Scholarships and Bursaries

At Briercrest College and Seminary, we strive to ensure that our education is affordable and accessible for all students. Each year, we award thousands of dollars in scholarships and bursaries to new and continuing students based on merit and financial need. Award amounts vary.

Applying for second semester awards - (January 2015)

Application open - October 24, 2014

Application closed - November 13, 2014

Notification date - December 1, 2014


2015-2016 Academic Year

Information coming soon.


  • Official acceptance to Briercrest College (pending final official transcript review), meeting Briercrest College and Seminary admissions requirements.
  • Students applying for all scholarships/bursaries/awards are required to complete the application by the stated deadline each year.
  • Students are required to study on-campus except when fulfilling Intercultural Studies program internship requirements (Distance Education, Kaléo, IMPRINT and study abroad do not qualify).
  • Preference will be given to students who live in dorm.*
  • Students are required to have a cumulative GPA of 2.3 or higher.*
  • Students are required to maintain a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester in the year the scholarship/bursary/award is awarded to maintain eligibility. Enrolment in less than 12 credit hours per semester will result in termination of the award.*
  • Students are required to exhibit financial need for bursaries.
  • Continuing students (12+ credit hours) must declare a program.
  • Students must maintain good standing in all areas in the year awarded.
  • Student must meet criteria of the specific scholarship, bursary or award.

*With the exception of certain scholarships. Exceptions are noted in those specific award criteria.

Award amounts vary. Not all scholarships/bursaries are awarded every year.

Awards Available for Second Semester (January 2015)

Award Category Student Category Award Name Dollar Value Number Available Criteria
Scholarship Continuing Entrance Scholarship $1,500 3 Continuing student with minimum 3.0 GPA
Scholarship New Entrance Scholarship $1,500 1 New student with minimum 3.0 GPA
Award Continuing Ernie and Martha Enns Award $1,300 1 For a continuing college student who plans to work in a church, parachurch, or global ministry and who is diligent in all areas of school life
Award Continuing Music/WA award $925 1 Senior student pursuing music or music ministry who is a notable achiever
Award Continuing Reed Memorial Scholarship $500 1 Global Studies or TESOL student intending full time missions at home or overseas
Award New Colin Burritt Memorial Scholarship $1,000 2 New Clipper hockey player
Award New Southern Ontario Student Award $925 1 Student from southern Ontario
Award Open Mark Lemke Memorial Scholarship $500 1 Grade 12 CHS entering Briercrest College with a preference for a football player who is a great athlete and student who is growing in their walk with God
Award Open CHS grad award $1,000 1 For a Grade 12 CHS graduate, returning for Briercrest College
Award Open Boehr Construction Scholarship $1,500 1 Preference given to someone who worked in a trade before attending Briercrest or who intends to work in a trade after leaving Briercrest or who has done volunteer mission work using a trade
Bursary Continuing Senior Pastoral Student Bursary $1,100 1 Senior student intending pastoral ministry who has a financial need
Bursary Continuing BCS Bursary (pref pastoral) $2,000 1 Student who has a financial need with a preference for a student who intends to pursue pastoral ministry
Bursary New New Student Bursary (pref SK) $950 1 Student with financial need who is from Saskatchewan
Bursary New McCutcheon Jones Award $400 1 Student with financial need
Bursary New Married Student $950 1 Married couple who has financial need, has overcome difficulties, and is pursuing academic excellence
Bursary New New Student Bursary $10,000 8 New students with financial need. $2500 per year for 4 years
Bursary Open International Student Bursary $950 1 Student with financial need from overseas
Bursary Open Folklore Bursary $1,000 1 For a student who worked with Folklore the previous summer and demonstrates a financial need
Bursary Open Pete and Anne Peters Honourary Bursary $400 1 Direct descendant Pete and Anne Peters or a clipper basketball player
Bursary Open Hildi Sawatzky $750 1 Student with financial need in a program with a missions focus.

Sites to access external scholarships and bursaries

Every year millions of dollars of scholarship and bursary money is not awarded because students have not applied for it. Some students have had success applying for awards they do not qualify for because no one else applied and the awards need to be disbursed. Applying takes time and effort, you may get many rejections for every scholarship or bursary you get, but the result could be money you would not have to pay back.

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