Certificate in Arts and Science

This one year program allows you to spend a year taking courses in a Christian community, where you will deepen your understanding of the Bible and the world around you. You will choose eight courses from a wide variety of options in the arts and sciences, and will complete two courses that introduce you to the Old and New Testaments. With this certificate, you can transition seamlessly into any number of Briercrest degree programs or easily transfer the courses to other universities in Canada. The goal is to give you lots of flexibility so you can discover what your passions and interests are while being immersed in an atmosphere of intentional discipleship.

Program Requirements (24-30 credit hours)

Required Courses (6 credit hours):

BLST 111 Introduction to the Old Testament
BLST 109 Introduction to the New Testament

Arts and Science Electives (18-24 credit hours):

Select from:

BLST 214 General Epistles
BU 201 Introduction to Marketing
BU 211 Financial Accounting
BU 212 Managerial Accounting
ECON 100 Microeconomics
ECON 101 Macroeconomics
ENG 100 Literature and Composition I
ENG 101 Literature and Composition II
GRK 200 Introductory Greek I
GRK 201 Introductory Greek II
HIS 114 The Ancient and Medieval World I
HIS 115 The Ancient and Medieval World II
HIS 237 & 238 History of Christianity I & II (6)
KIN 161 Foundations of Sport and Kinesiology
KIN 262 Physical Activity and Wellness
MATH 101 Introduction to Finite Mathematics
NTST 110 Introduction to Native Studies
PHI 100 &101 Introduction to Philosophy I & II (6)
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology I
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology II
PSY 280 Human Development: A Lifespan Perspective

All courses are three credit hours unless otherwise specified.

Rhoda Cairns, PhD
Assistant Professor of English Literature
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Joel From, PhD
Professor of Philosophy and Humanities
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Alan Guenther, PhD
Assistant Professor of History
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Charles Hackney, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
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Wes Olmstead, PhD
Associate Professor of New Testament
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Lori Peters, MSc
Instructor in Kinesiology
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Steve Robitaille, MBA
Instructor in Business Administration
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Truitt Wiensz, PhD
Assistant Professor of Physics and Mathematics
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