A Minor in Theology requires 21 credit hours of study including 9 credit hours at the 300+ level.

Required (9 credit hours):
THEO 112 Introduction to Spiritual Theology
THEO 115 Introduction to Christian Theology

Electives (12 credit hours including at least 9 credit hours at 300+)
PAST 437 Pastoral Theology I
PHI/RLST 455 Philosophy of Religion
THEO 203 History of Christian Theology I
THEO 204 History of Christian Theology II
THEO 272 Christian Faith and Contemporary Culture
THEO 301 WOrship in the Christian Tradition
THEO 312 Classics of Christian Spirituality
THEO 313 Prayer in the Christian Tradition
THEO 330 The Triune God
THEO 331 Scripture and Canon
THEO 337 Comparative Studies on the Church
THEO 350 Jesus the Christ
THEO 351 The Holy Spirit
THEO 357 Christian Hope and Eschatology
THEO 370 Theology of Mission
THEO 453 Marriage, Siingleness and Human Sexuality in Theological Perspective
THEO 471 Studies in Historical Theology
THEO 472 Early Christian Texts
THEO 473 Late Medieval and Reformation Era Texts
THEO 474 Modern Era Texts
THEO 480 The Theology of Augustine
THEO 488 The Theology of Karl Barth
THEO 490 Theology Internship
THEO 491 Theology of Political Engagement