Distance Parenting

Visiting our campus

We've tried to gather together all of the information and links you need to plan a campus visit to see your son or daughter.

The Pilgrim Inn, located on the edge of campus, provides comfortable and affordable accommodation for visiting parents.

Bed & breakfasts are another accommodation option for you to consider when visiting campus. Many community residents are eager to open their home to parents and other guests.

Dining options on campus include our main dining hall, Subway restaurant, and two coffee shops.

Campus and location are two topics that you may want to learn more about in the planning stages of your trip.

Commencement details. Learn everything you need to know about your son's or daughter's upcoming graduation.

Moose Jaw accommodations provide another option for those looking for a broader selection of hotels. Moose Jaw is a 15 minute drive east of Caronport.

Regina accommodations are an ideal option after a long flight. Caronport is approximately one hour west of Regina on the Trans Canada highway.

Regina Airport is only one hour from Caronport. Many of our students and visiting parents choose to fly into and out of Regina.

Tourism Saskatchewan will provide you with valuable information on the sights and events around the province.

If you need help finding a ride from the airport to Caronport, please contact us at 1-800-667-5199.

For any further questions about visiting our campus, please contact us at info@briercrest.ca.


Parent to Parent

The following section highlights some of the thoughts and reflections of parents who have sent their kids to Briercrest.

"Almost ten years ago we encouraged our son to attend Briercrest for a year after leaving high school. He did, and it has had a significant positive impact on him. My wife and I believe that the Christian context within which Briercrest delivers its educational programs is an excellent base on which to build and function in today's society."
Michel Bell, Managing God's Money Ministries

"Parents who seek to have their kids oriented toward living a godly life through their teen years and carry on through young adulthood should put Briercrest at the top of their list."
Geoffrey Heth
Associate Pastor
Bow Valley Alliance Church
College '93


Praying for your son or daughter

Leaving for college for the first time may be a difficult transition-for both you and your son or daughter. He or she will be facing a number of new challenges, and you might wonder how you can help from home. One of the best things you can do is pray. These are some suggestions for you as you pray for your child throughout the school year:


  • Being away from home, family, and friends for an extended period of time.
  • Adjusting to a new culture and possibly a new climate.
  • Learning to share a bedroom, bathroom, and eating space.
  • Developing a good relationship with roommates.
  • Learning how to be wise with money.


  • Keeping up with the sometimes overwhelming pace of Week of Welcome.
  • Learning how to deal with possible conflicts with roommates.
  • Making wise choices in the midst of a lot of freedom all at once.
  • Overcoming concerns with grades; dealing with personal limitations.
  • Safeguarding faith in God.
  • Building strong friendships.


  • Exploring and developing new ideas.
  • Preparing for the academic stress of midterm exams and major assignments.
  • Overcoming possible homesickness.
  • Time management, procrastination.
  • Staying healthy by exercising, eating well, and getting enough rest.
  • Questioning the choice of a field of study.
  • Learning to live with the challenges of residence living.
  • For a restful, enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend.


  • Feeling burned out.
  • Dealing with the possible depression that comes with the onset of winter and very cold weather.
  • Making decisions about next semester.
  • Avoiding sickness and fatigue.


  • Stress over final papers and exams.
  • Leaving friends and familiar surroundings for the holidays.
  • Final decisions about next semester.
  • Saying goodbye to friends.


  • Perhaps adjusting to a new roommate.
  • Beginning new classes, possibly making up for a disappointing performance in the fall semester.
  • Missing friends who did not return to campus.
  • Getting back into studies after the holiday.


  • Missing family.
  • Valentine's Day depression if not involved in a relationship.


  • Mid-term exams and assignments.
  • Low energy levels.
  • Searching for summer employment.
  • Planning for modular week.
  • Making plans for next year's classes and living arrangements.


  • Feeling pressured by deadlines and final exams.
  • Remaining focused on studies as the weather warms up.
  • Thinking about coming home.
  • Saying goodbye to friends, dealing with closure.
  • Anxiety over summer employment.


Insurance Needs

Dorm Students

Dorm students are strongly advised to ensure that their content insurance needs are covered either through a family plan or through separate insurance arrangements. Student possessions are not covered under the institution's insurance policy. Some homeowner policies will cover students while in residence, but it is the responsibility of the student to see that this is in place.

Alternate Housing Students

Students living in rental accommodations out of dorm will need to have content/possession insurance for their belongings.

What's in Moose Jaw?


CIBC, Conexus Credit Union, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, Bank of Montreal, TD, and several others.


There is a mall with Sears on Main Street, Wal-Mart and Superstore are located on Thatcher Drive, and the downtown area has many smaller shops and boutiques.

Medical Services

Moose Jaw Union Hospital is on Fairford Street. There are numerous doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals listed in the Moose Jaw phone book.


Galaxy Cinemas, Mae Wilson Theatre, South Hill Bowling, Pizza Hut, Boston Pizza, and Temple Gardens Mineral Spa are all favorites in Moose Jaw.


Moose Jaw has many thriving churches, encompassing many denominations, such as Church of God, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Alliance, Mennonite Brethren, Anglican, Lutheran, United, Catholic, and more. For a full listing, visit http://www.mjchurches.com/

Charitable Giving

Parents are partners in education. One way to further your partnership with us is through charitable giving. Through the generous support of donors, students' total educational costs are subsidized by 11 per cent, helping us provide the best education possible at an affordable price.

Our office in charge of charitable giving, Resource Development, prays regularly for our school's donors.

To learn more about charitable giving at Briercrest, click here.

Continuing Education

Maybe, as a parent, you've been looking for an opportunity to continue your own education. At Briercrest, you'll find some unique opportunities that fit your life:

Distance Learning
Our distance learning courses offer an excellent opportunity for you to take classes for personal growth or to work toward a degree. To graduate from our seminary with a master's degree, we require only ten classes in resisdence. Students can complete the remainder through distance learning.

Visit the Continuing and Distance Education website to learn more.

Modular Education
Our seminary's unique format of modular education attracts students from around the world and opens doors for those who remain employed in work or ministry during their studies. As a result, students who would have had to rely solely on distance education are able to access classroom learning with other students and excellent faculty.

Components of a modular course include the following:

  • pre-course work
  • one week in class
  • post-course work

Visit the Seminary website to learn more.

Certificate of the Seminary
If you're not looking for a master's degree, consider taking the Certificate of the Seminary. This certificate is designed for individuals wanting to learn and grow in an academic context, and provides a high level of flexibility.

For more information about the Certificate of the Seminary, click here.

Class Auditing
If earning credit is not a priority for you, we invite you to audit classes. This may be the perfect way for you to commit to learning on an ongoing basis, and our modular format makes it very accessible.