Modular Courses

January 5-9, 2015

Michael Pawelke

CM 461 Issues in Ministry Leadership

This course specializes in dealing with issues that are commonly encountered by ministry leaders.  There is extensive use of case studies in the exploration of issues.


February 23-27, 2015

Ken Guenter

BLST 111 Old Testament Literature

This course provides an overview of the Old Testament, emphasizing its theological, historical, and literary dimensions.

Michel Bell

BU 350 Human Resource Management

This course familiarizes students with the functions of human resource management throughout the entire organization. Topics include selection, personnel planning, training and development, compensation, and labour relations. Students are also involved in the communication aspects of business and human resource management. This includes class presentations, employment search techniques, and professional speaking.

Myra Daugherty

CM 322 Children's Ministry Skills

This course provides practical preparation for ministering to children in any setting, but is particularly geared toward teaching children in the church. The art of teaching to impact children is explored both theoretically and practically. Students are required to use new teaching skills in a practicum.

Prerequisite: CM 121 Foundations of Children's Ministry

Note: Students with credit for CDST 232 Children's Ministry Skills or CM 222 Children's Ministry Skills may not take this course for credit

Terry LeBlanc

CM 493 Intercultural Ministry and Indigenous Perspective

Course description will be posted when it is available.

Ken Dosso

MUS 310 Songwriting

This course is a practical study in popular songwriting. Topics include the study of common song forms, lyric structure, the use of figurative language, rhyme and rhythm, and techniques of sustaining creativity as a songwriter. Further topics include writing for a specific audience, the marketing and publishing of songs, the impact of songwriting in popular culture, and the moral dimensions of songwriting in today's society. Students are required to write and present their songs in class in addition to submitting their work to the instructor for grading.

Prerequisite: MUS 115 Musicianship I

Dustin Resch

Early Christian Texts

An analysis of select theological texts and ideas from influential figures from the era of early Christianity. Students will become familiar with seminal developments in this formative period of Christian faith and practice.

Prerequisite: 6 credit hours of Theology and the completion of 75 credit hours of coursework




March 6-7; 13-14, 2015

Carl Hinderager

BLST 214 General Epistles

A survey of Hebrews, James, I and II Peter, I, II, and III John, and Jude (the Catholic Epistles) that explores their historical setting, literary form, and theology.


March 20-21; 27-28, 2015

Carl Hinderager

BLST 304 Acts

A study of the Acts of the Apostles with special attention devoted to its theology, its portrayal of the origin, development, and mission of the apostolic church, and its literary relationship with the Gospel of Luke.

Prerequisite: BLST 103 Gospels


April 20-24, 2015

Carl Hinderager

BLST 415 Advanced Studies in New Testament Literature: Sermon on the Mount

An Exposition of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7.  The emphasis is upon the distinctive character that is expected of the Christian.  This is designed to be a penetrating study for "would-be" disciples of Jesus.

Prerequisite: BLST 103 Gospels and the completion of 60 credit hours of study.

Ken Moser

YM 494 Career Youth Ministry

This course is an advanced study of issues related to youth work. It gives in-depth coverage to working philosophies, ministry strategies, and staff relationships.

Prerequisite: YM 100 Foundations of Youth Ministry or YM 191 Foundations of Youth Ministry