College Courses


Christian Ministry

CM 101 Foundations of Church Ministry (3)

An introduction to the ministry of the church in all of its functions: worship, equipping, fellowship, and evangelism. The course includes a study of the structure, leadership, and objectives of the various ministries of the church with special attention given to the role of the laity in all aspects of church ministry.

CM 105 Perspectives in Mission (3)

An introduction to interdisciplinary perspectives on Christian mission. This course introduces the biblical foundations of mission, provides an overview of mission history, examines some of the challenges that flow from the cross-cultural nature of this task, and considers aspects of current thinking on mission strategy.

Note: Students with credit for GLST 110 Perspectives in Mission may not take this course for credit

CM 121 Foundations of Children's Ministry (3)

This course is an introduction to the world of children and an invitation for personal involvement in child evangelism through relationships with those who are “precious in God’s sight.” Topics focus on the importance of understanding children, how they are designed, their needs, and their value. Students have the opportunity to develop a personal philosophy of ministry to children.

Note: Students with credit for CDST 121 Foundations of Children’s Ministry may not take this course for credit

CM 204 Evangelism and Discipleship (3)

This course carefully examines wholistic evangelism based on an understanding of salvation and conversion. In addition, the course prepares students for discipling others through in-class and out-of-class opportunities.

Note: Available only through Continuing and Distance Education.

CM 221 Spiritual Formation of Children (3)

This course is intended to develop an awareness that children are able to grow spiritually and of the impact this early growth has on adult life. The issues of childhood moral development, psychological development, cognitive development, and the part these play in a child’s ability to grasp biblical concepts is explored. The role of a child’s age on his/her spiritual growth is also discussed. Students develop an approach to encouraging spiritual awakening and growth in children of all ages.

Note: Students with credit for CDST 241 Spiritual Formation of Children may not take this course for credit

Prerequisite(s): THEO 112 Spiritual Formation

CM 222 Children's Ministry Skills (3)

This course provides practical preparation for ministering to children in any setting, but is particularly geared toward teaching children in the church. The art of teaching to impact children is explored both theoretically and practically. Students are required to use new teaching skills in a practicum.

Note: Students with credit for CDST 232 Children’s Ministry skills may not take this course for credit

Prerequisite(s): CM 121 Foundations of Children’s Ministry

CM 331 Women's Ministry Foundations (3)

This course emphasizes a woman’s personal preparation for ministry by discussing areas of biblical, psychological, physical, and vocational development. It includes a study of biblical role models, devotional accountability, contemporary problems such as stress and self-esteem, and an evaluation of spiritual gifts.

Note: Students with credit for WMST 371 Women’s Ministry Foundations may not take this course for credit.

Prerequisite(s): CM 101 Foundations of Church Ministry

CM 355 Homiletics (3)

This is the introductory course on the preparation and delivery of expository sermons. Major emphasis is given to students’ ownership and use of a hermeneutically sound method for developing, supporting, illustrating, and applying a biblical text. Students deliver messages in class.

Cross-listed: PAST 355 Homiletics

CM 401 The Church and its Mission (3)

This course challenges students nearing the completion of their undergraduate studies to integrate and solidify what they have learned about the nature of the gospel, the church, and its mission around a commitment to living out the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. Building upon a historical and theological perspective, the course focuses on what it means for North American believers, corporately and individually, to be thoroughly missional in the increasingly multicultural and post]Christian context of the twenty]first century, and on how students envision their part in light of their own personal gifting and calling.

Prerequisite(s): Completion of 60 credit hours of study

CM 403 Specialized Study (3)

This course is based on the interest and abilities of the student and faculty. Supervised study may be arranged in the classroom, small group, or in the form of individual research in an area of specialization in ministry preparation.

CM 405 Current Issues in Mission (3)

An examination of current issues in the church's mission, including the nature and significance of recent calls for incarnational mission and contextualization as well as the implications of the fact that Christianity's center of gravity is increasingly in the South and East rather than in the North and West.

Note: Students with credit for GLST 410 Current Issues in Mission may not take this course for credit

Prerequisite(s): CM 105 Perspectives in Mission

CM 439 Christian Ministry Internship (3)

This internship provides a practical, supervised experience in the tasks, attitudes, and skills necessary for Christian ministry. The student may choose a ministry venue that best fits with his/her primary Christian Ministry degree focus.

Note: The B.A. in Christian Ministry degree requires the completion of a degree-specific internship. All internships need to be approved in advance by the appropriate program coordinator.

Prerequisite(s): The internship is offered to college students who have completed 60 credit hours or more and have been accepted into the degree program.

CM 451 Child, Church, and Mission (3)

An examination of holistic child development, the role of the church in caring for needy children, and children’s ministry as a strategy for mission.

CM 456 Church Growth And Revitalization (3)

This course covers the theory and principles necessary to produce a workable strategy for church growth. It includes patterns of research and strategic planning for evangelistic penetration and the pragmatics of maintaining momentum. In addition a methodology is discussed for evaluating the struggling church with a view to redefining purpose and establishing realistic objectives.

CM 461 Issues in Ministry Leadership (3)

This course specializes in dealing with issues that are commonly encountered by a pastor (such as power struggles, change, and church discipline). There is extensive use of case studies in the exploration of issues.