College Courses



THEA 221 Acting I (3)

This course introduces students to theatre and the discipline of acting. Emphasis is on vocal development and script analysis. Students develop skills in speech and movement, experience growth in an understanding of character, and form a philosophy of acting.

THEA 222 Acting II (3)

This course is designed to increase students’ range and versatility. The elements of drama and comedy are studied and emphasis is placed on authentically portraying a range of characters.

Prerequisite(s): THEA 221 Acting I

THEA 340 Musical Theatre Workshop ()

This course offers introductory studies in rehearsal and performance of musical theatre. Rehearsal techniques incorporate vocal, speech, dramatic, and choreographic coaching. Students also develop skills in make-up, hair, costumes, set design, and set construction. The semester culminates in a performance of scenes from various musicals. Assignment to roles in the productions is on the basis of audition.

Cross-listed: MUS 340 Musical Theatre Workshop