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The college calendar provides detailed information on degree and certificate programs, courses, academic policies, current faculty, and the history and mission of the school. Most of this information can also be found throughout the college website.

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Addendum 1: Faculty Updates

Faculty of Arts and Science

Department of Biblical and Theological Studies

Wes Olmstead, PhD. Professor of New Testament; BRE (Briercrest); BA (Waterloo); MA (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School); PhD (King's College, London).

Joshua Stigall, PhD. Adjunct Professor of New Testament; BA, MDiv (Briercrest); PhD (Baylor).

Susan Wendel, PhD. Associate Professor of New Testament; BEd (Regina); MA (Briercrest); PhD (McMaster).

Addendum 2: New Courses/Course Changes

BLST 439 Pastoral Epistles (3 credit hours)
A study of 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus with particular attention given to their theology, their portrayal of the qualifications, selection, responsibilities and authority of church leaders, and their continuing significance for the church.

Prerequisite: BLST 103 Gospels, completion of 60 credit hours of study

CM 324 Child, Church, and Mission (3 credit hours)
An examination of holistic child development, the role of the church in caring for children in poverty, and children's ministry as a strategy for mission.

Note: Students with credit for CM 451 Child, Church, and Mission may not take this course for credit.

DAN 108 Foundations of Tap II (1 credit hour)
A continuation of basic training in the discovery and appreciation of tap dance through the study of elementary rhythms, basic steps and terminology including the technical and artistic fundamentals necessary for performance, choreography and teaching.

Prerequisite: DAN 107 Foundations of Tap I or permission of instructor

GRK 402 Advanced Greek Grammar (3 credit hours) This advanced course devotes particular attention to such topics as recent developments in the study of verbal aspect, the middle voice, discourse analysis, and the use of prepositions in the Koine period.

Prerequisite: GRK 301 Greek Exegesis I

MUS 314 Counterpoint (3 credit hours)
This course explores eighteenth-century contrapuntal techniques through analysis and written exercises in strict style. Topics include the basics of species counterpoint, writing contrapuntal dances, writing fugues, and realizing figured bass.

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