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The college calendar provides detailed information on degree and certificate programs, courses, academic policies, current faculty, and the history and mission of the school. Most of this information can also be found throughout the college website.

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Addendum: Course Descriptions

ENG 222 Fiction (3 credit hours)
An introduction to the main fictional genres-short story, novella, and novel-through the reading and critical analysis of works that represent a range of periods, techniques, regions, and themes.

LING 200 Pre-Internship (non-credit)
This course provides an opportunity to engage in a cross-cultural experience in an introductory English language teaching environment. The pre-internship typically focuses on teaching conversational English to young and adolescent ESL learners in a summer language camp or school setting. The teaching mostly happens in a formal or semi-formal teaching context but these are supplemented by opportunities for less structured, out-of-classroom activities. Total teaching time will be between 20 and 65 hours, typically completed over a period of 3 to 5 weeks. A pre-internship may be repeated, for non-credit, when the cross-cultural experience is to a different country.
Prerequisite: Permission of the TESOL program coordinator

PHI 201 Ancient Philosophy
A critical survey of ancient Greek philosophy from the Pre-Socratics through Plato and Aristotle, this course will examine Classical views on topics such as the nature of ultimate reality, the scope and limits of human knowledge, beauty, ethics, and politics.
Prerequisite: PHI 100 Introduction to Philosophy I or PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy II

Addendum: Faculty Members

Catherine Burge, DMA. Assistant Professor of Music; BMus (Ohio); MMus (Idaho); Post-graduate studies (San Francisco Conservatory of Music); DMA (Colorado-Boulder).

Darren Gordon, EdD (Cand.). Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and Modern Languages; BA (Simpson); MA (Northern Territory University, Australia); EdD (Cand.) (George Fox).

Addendum: Years of Study

Degrees, diplomas, and certificates are defined academically in terms of credit hours, not years of study. For administrative purposes, Briercrest College and Seminary defines year of study for undergraduate students as follows:
Year 1: 0-23 credit hours successfully completed
Year 2: 24-59 credit hours successfully completed
Year 3: 60-89 credit hours successfully completed
Year 4: 90+ credit hours successfully completed

Addendum: Bachelor of Arts Youth Ministry

Major Requirements
YM 415 Film, Media, and Adolescent Culture added to electives within major disciplines on the BA Youth Ministry program.

Addendum: Minor in Biblical Studies

The Minor in Biblical Studies may be combined with a BA Theology.

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