School spiritSchool Spirit Days

The Student Leadership Council puts together days when things get wacky and wild, days such as hat day, pajama day, cowboy day, twin day, and many others.

Weekend activitiesWeekend Activities

Also put on by the SLC, weekend activities like trips to Besant (the nearby campground), Roughrider games, and The Junkyard Olympics provide lots of fun and excitement.

Christmas partyChristmas Party

This evening of fun, food, and entertainment is put on for CHS students every year before Christmas holidays. Half the fun is dressing up for the memories you will make.

Youth quakeYouth Quake

This nationally known youth retreat is free for all Caronport students. It is a weekend of unforgettable speakers, activities, and bands--it's a highlight of the year!

The Rest of the Time

There's never a shortage of people to get to know or things to do. The fun of being with your friends is irreplaceable.

  • Grab a coffee, or a Subway™ sandwich in our new student lounge.
  • Participate in music, drama, art, or sports.
  • Hang out in the dorm and make lifelong friendships and memories.
  • Email a friend or surf the Internet at one of the computer terminals.
  • Enjoy the many concerts and events that take place on our campus every year.

Whatever your interests, there's likely something for you to do in the nearby cities of Moose Jaw and Regina:

Indoor activities:

Coffee shops
Mineral spa
Hockey games
Regina Symphony Orchestra
Globe Theatre
Centre of the Arts
Swimming pool
Joe's Place Youth Centre
Wall climbing

Outdoor activities:

CFL football games
Go-kart racing
Batting cages
Annual fair
Walking/biking trails
Mountain Biking
Skateboard park
Horseback riding

Ski Trip

Getting off the chairliftEvery year, the graduating class goes on a weekend trip to Fernie, B.C. Skiing, snowboarding, and hot-tubbing-students never run out of exciting things to do.

Retreat weekend

Friends relaxingThe grad retreat is one last weekend to hang out with friends before everyone heads off in different directions. Tan, enjoy the water and sunshine, hang out with friends, and forget about school!

Alumni party

The grad alumni party, put on by the Alumni office, is a theme party complete with costumes, prizes, food, and a lot of fun!

Grad weekend

Family at graduationGrad weekend is filled with fun and memories for everyone. A few of the highlights include a stunning black and white photo gallery, a banquet, fireside/hayrides, a Tour Choir performance, and, of course, the grad parent program, a one-of-a-kind event in which students display their dramatic, musical, comical, and technological abilities before parents, teachers, and peers.