College Experience

College studentsCHS shares a campus with Briercrest College and Seminary, which gives CHS students the benefits of both small and large schools: they get individual attention and close personal relationships with teachers and staff along with great facilities, large productions, and one-of-a-kind special events.

Senior students also have the opportunity to get a head start on their post-secondary education by taking classes at Briercrest College and Seminary, an associate school of the University of Saskatchewan with partnerships with the University of Regina and SIAST.

Senior students can take any 100 level classes. Here's a sample:

BT103 Gospels

BT114 Introduction to Christian Theology

BT112 Spiritual Formation

CM121 Foundations of Children's Ministry

RL162 Integrating Faith and Athletic Performance

WA120 Video Production I

ENG110 Introduction to Poetry

HIS114 The Ancient and Medieval World I

PHI100 Introduction to Philosophy

MTH101 Financial Mathematics

NTV110 Introduction to Native Studies

PSY100 Introduction to Psychology

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