Class Format

Distance education at Briercrest College and Seminary is all about versatility. By providing multiple learning formats and study tracks, we're making learning as convenient as possible. One at a time, we're toppling obstacles to learning!

Delivery formats

  • Audio: Many courses have an audio component, so you can learn in the car or in the garden.
  • Video: If you'd rather hear than read words, or see a person than print, then we have a selection of video-based courses for you. 
  • Digital: The new digital format will allow you to begin your studies more quickly (no more waiting for mail) and to store your courses for future reference more easily (no more binders cluttering bookshelves). The digitizing of courses also marks a change in delivery of our courses. As of January 1, 2013, we will no longer provide courses to students in hard copy format. Instead, you will receive access to the digital copy. If you prefer a hard copy of the course, you now have the option to print the course materials, or to receive a hard copy from us for a fee. 
  • Modular: A great way to get into the classroom while remaining in your work or ministry. Modular courses combine the best of the traditional classroom with the flexibility that usually comes with distance education.
  • Online:  Online courses are semester-based and run from January-April and September-December. These courses are delivered completely online and students will benefit from consistent interaction with the instructor and with fellow students.


  • Bible Exploration: These are low-cost, no-credit courses for your spiritual enrichment.
  • Courses at random: If a program of study isn't right for you, why not complete courses on their own?