TLC Care Packages

Brighten someone's day by ordering a TLC Care Pack from the Briercrest Bookstore! Each TLC Pack contains special foods and treats for the occasion.

Call the Bookstore at 306-756-3314 or 1-800-265-4500 to order a TLC Care Package for your favorite student.

Add any of these extras to any of the gift packages below:

Gift certificate to Briercrest Bookstore Choose your $ amount
Gift certificate to Subway Choose your $ amount
Briercrest Tumbler with Straw $15.00 tax included
Briercrest multi-use Nalgene $15.50 tax included
*New* Briercrest Ceramic Mug $16.00 tax included
*New* Briercrest Titanium Travel Mug $20.00 tax included
Extra Chocolate Bar $1.25 each
Balloons $3.00 each

Options to choose from:

The Classic Care Package

Sometimes there's really no reason for a gift basket, except to say we're thinking about you - and we love you. This kit contains:

Cost (taxPkg _classices included) $28.00

  • Two Litre Bottle of Pop (Coke, Sprite or Root Beer)
  • Original Pringles (67g)
  • 3 - Chocolate Bars (Mars, Snickers and Coffee Crisp
  • Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts (300g)
  • Orville Micro Theatre 3pk (bag turns into a 'bowl' as it pops) (240g)
  • Skittles Berrie Explosion (191g)
  • Christies Mini Oreo (70g)

Healthy Choice Care Package

This Gift Bag includes ribbon, tissue paper and a gift tag with room for a 'message' to that special student:)

Cost (taxes included) $28.00

  • Tropicana Apple Juice (355ml)
  • Nalleys Riceworks Sea Salt Chips (156g)
  • Leclerc Praeventia (Dark Chocolate Cookies) (30g)
  • Dole Live Rite Bites-Peanut Butter/Banana (34g)
  • Planter Dry Roasted Peanuts (300g)
  • Orille Micro Movie Theatre Popcorn (bag turns into a 'bowl' as it pops) (240g)
  • Dare Real Fruit Gummies (180g)
  • Taste Of Nature Niagara Apple Country-100% Organic-Gluten Free (40g)
  • Taste Of Nature Brazilian Nut Fiesta-100% Organic-Gluten Free (40g)

Taste Of Nature Bars are made of Hearty oats and is made of 100% certified organic ingredients and are vegan, non-GMO, low sodium, and are made with the very best ingredients and yes they taste as good as they look! Taste of Nature Organic Food BarsTaste of Nature Organic Food Bars




Thinking Of You

Sometimes it's just nice to let a friend know you're thinking about them. Brighten up someone's day with this little packages.

This kit contains:

Cost (taxes included) $12.00

  • Bottle of Pop (Coke, Sprite and Root Beer)
  • Pringles Original (67g)
  • Snickers Chocolate Bar
  • Skittles Berrie Explosion (191g)





Birthday Balloons

ADD a Bright Balloon Bouquet to turn any TLC Pack into a Birthday Gift

Pkg _birthday

Cost (tax included) $15.00

Merry TLC Care Packages

This package includes a Christmas mug, gift wrapped in cellophane, ribbon with a gift tag for a special Christmas message.

Cost (tax included) $39.00


  • Mug (Rejoice)
  • Toblerone Chocolate
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Candy Cane
  • Briercrest Gift Card $20.00




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