Briercrest Gear

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varsity zip up.jpg gray hoodie blue script.jpg  navy with pink script.jpg
Varsity Hoodie Grey Pullover / Navy Script Navy Pullover / Pink Script
$74.99  $54.99 $54.99
cadet.jpg briercrest zip gray.jpg  wayde in hoodie.jpg
Quarter Zip Cadet Collar Zip Grey / Navy Letters Surfer Hoodie White on Sleeves
$59.99 $62.99 $74.99
new hoodie.jpg    
"The Word of our GOD Shall Stand Forever" Isaiah 40:8  
 Twill Letter - $74.99  Screenprint Letter - $64.99   
chs gray zip up.jpg chs navy swoosh.jpg

 CHS Grey Zip Hoodie CHS Navy "Swoosh"  
$69.99 $69.99  
chs powder blue hoodie.jpg
chs twill.jpg 
CHS Powder Blue "Swoosh"  CHS Twill Letters   
$69.99 $67.99  

Sweaters and Jackets

female cardigan.jpg  cardigan.jpg  

Women's Cardigan


Men's Cardigan


Fleece Jacket  Back Of Fleece Jacket  Fleece Zip Up Jacket 
Men's Jacket  Back of Jacket  Women's Jacket 
 $89.99    $89.99


 briercrest chocolate with blue tshirt.jpg  the word tshirt front.jpg Texas Orange Tshirt
Women's Chocolate t-shirt Women's "Word of our God" t-shirt Men's Texas Orange t-shirt
$12.99 $15.99 $12.99
briercrest b front.jpg briercrest b back.jpg
long sleeve t.jpg
 Briercrest "B" t-shirt front  Briercrest "B" t-shirt back Long sleeve women's t-shirt 
$12.99   $14.99
chs gray cougar tshirt.jpg
 CHS t-shirt  

Pants and Shorts

chs gray sweats.jpg ladies pajamas.jpg  male pajamas.jpg
 CHS Sweatpants Pink Flannel PJ's Navy Flannel PJ's
$37.99 $32.99 $32.99
  Cougar grey shorts-13.jpg  

Hats and Toques

 Ball Hats Ladies Hats    
 Flexfit Ball Caps  Women's adjustable Caps    
$36.99 $27.99    
 Ear Flap Touque  Ear Flap Touque On Head    Touque Rim White
 Earflap Toque      Solid Toque with Contrast Rim
 $19.99      $16.99
Long Touque Scarf    Touque 
 Long Cableknit Toque Pink or Grey Scarf    Cableknit Toque 
$16.99 $14.99   $16.99

Imprinted Drinkware

Briercrest Nalgene
 Ces Water Bottles
Chs Nalgene
 Multi-Use Nalgene - $15.99  CES Water Bottle  CHS Water Bottle - $15.99
 Blue or Purple  $4.99  Blue or Red
 "Wave" Water Bottle - $15.99    
Blue or Green accent    
 Briercrest Travel Mug - $14.99    

Extras and Gifts

lanyard.jpg  Multiple Caribiners Pens
 Lanyards - $5.00  Carabinar - $1.99  Briercrest Pen - $1.95
    Made in India from recycled
    materials - free trade product
Lap Top Bag  Portfolio  
 Laptop Bag - $54.99  Embossed Portfolio - $34.99 
  Briercrest Clipboard - $8.99