Youth Quake 2014 speakers and musical artists announced

Julie Cole
Mental Health Counsellor
    Posted: Feb 14, 2012

This year’s Week of Welcome at Briercrest College and Seminary ended with a launch.

The launch of Youth Quake (YQ) 2014 capped off the busy first week of orientation and classes. The launch, which normally happens every October, announces the theme as well as the musical artists and speakers scheduled for the upcoming Youth Quake. This year’s YQ is scheduled for February 14-16.

The earlier launch date gives more time for event promotion and registrations.

“We made the decision to move YQ launch into Week of Welcome primarily to assist churches and youth leaders in their fall program planning and promotion,” Briercrest’s associate VP of student development and member of the YQ advistory committee, David Cole, explained. “With our early September public rollout, they’ll be able to promote YQ, plan fundraisers, and get us on their calendar as a priority.”

“We often think about (Youth Quake) being a litmus test for the Briercrest mission,” YQ director AJ Crocker said about the event which requires that most students help in some way to host the 2,000 youth that flock to the Caronport campus for the event. “We get to serve hard for 48 hours these people from all over Canada. We get to showcase what this place stands for and what this place has stood for in all of its almost 80 year existence. At the end of the day this event is designed to push kids deeper into their faith in Jesus Christ. We’re the only school in the country that does an event at this level of this nature. It’s an honour for us to step into that legacy and history.”

Crocker says a lot of thought was given to this year’s theme which is Kingdom Citizens.

“It’s not just something we paint on the wall and hope God kind of points people’s eyes to,” he said. “This actually shapes how we pick who comes to YQ — how we pick the direction of all our events.”

The speaker for the four main sessions this year is Mark Clark, church planter and pastor of Village Church in Surrey, B.C.

Musical artists include beat box champion Peterpot, worship bands Rend Collective Experiment and Ascend the Hill, rock band Nine Lashes, alternative rock artist Rocket Summer and pop artist Britt Nicole. Refined/Undignified, Briercrest’s hip hop dance team as well as the school’s worship band Awaken, will be returning this year.

Crocker says this year’s YQ will have a greater offering of seminar options because of the demand for them.

“We’ve gotten a lot of feedback asking for deeper content and more of it,” he said. “Every optional session there will be multiple opportunities to grow and ‘dig in.’”

Speakers at this year’s YQ include Brett Ullman, Faytene Grasseschi, Brody Jespersen, Jason Ballard and Ben Woodman. Briercrest president Michael Pawelke is one of several Briercrest faculty members who will also lead seminars.

More information about YQ 2014 can be found at the event’s website: