Neudorf balances diligence with contentment

Cody Quiring
    Posted: Aug 4, 2011

By Julie Cole

Eric Neudorf. Submitted photo.

Eric Neudorf diligently pursues a well-rounded life.

The Biblical Studies major from Hague, Sask. says he has learned to enjoy academics at Briercrest , but also has a love for sports and music. It was initially the music program that attracted him to Briercrest.

“Not necessarily to be in it, but to develop myself musically,” he said.

Neudorf says one of the highlights of his Briercrest experience was serving on a worship team.

He also appreciates several professors who have encouraged his personal and academic growth. Ken Guenter is one who helped him to become more well-rounded.

“(Ken) took an interest in me,” Neudorf insisted. “I never had to approach him about anything. He always came to me.”

The graduate credits the world view courses taught by Sean Davidson and Joel From for challenging his thinking and helping him develop contentment in his life.

“(The course) challenges you to take on a world view of grace where you take what has been given to you as a gift –your friendships, your family,” he said.

Neudorf claims the capstone of his Briercrest experience was taking Pauline Epistles with Marty Culy.

“(Marty) reintroduced me to the importance of the gospel itself as a message,” he insisted. “I feel like that’s where we start. Going back to that has opened it up in a new way to me.”

Neudorf’s careful handling of Scripture is acknowledged by his professors.

“Eric loves the Scriptures and he has studied them broadly,” Old Testament professor Ken Guenter said. “He cares deeply about how they should be read and how they fit together. He is not pretentious, but his views are well-developed because he thinks so clearly.”

The Saskatchewan native exhibits this conscientiousness wherever he is — even at home on the farm.

“I like academics,” he admitted. “That’s what I’m supposed to be diligent with so it’s not hard. At home I’m learning to take work the same way. (My family) has a dairy farm with some grain. I’ve worked with my dad the last summer on the farm. It’s been good to learn what he does and learn to be content there too.

Neudorf sees more study in his future. After graduation he plans to pursue a degree in education.

“I’ll probably be at the U of S next year,” he said. “I don’t know if I would teach right away. Maybe I would use that as a springboard to go get a master’s.

Whatever he may end up doing, Neudorf says Briercrest has challenged him to keep his focus is on the “need to be speaking the gospel in all ways.”

“With an intense degree in Biblical Studies you end up with this academic approach to learning . . . and that’s good,” he said. “But am I speaking words of the Spirit? Am I sure the truth I’m speaking is coming from the Holy Spirit?”

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