Campus Visit

Campus Visit Travel Incentive

Would you like to come visit our campus and experience what Briercrest Seminary has to offer?  

You can come visit us and take a tour of our facilities, eat in the cafeteria, sample our accommodations, meet our professors and sit in on classes and chapel.  

If you'd like to come, we would love to help you to cover the cost of your trip. Here's how it works: 

  1. Contact our Enrolment Services department and book an official tour with one of our staff. See contact information below.
  2. Come for the tour and enjoy what Briercrest has to offer (all on-campus expenses will be paid).
  3. Complete the application process. Just click here to start (if you've already started the application or have already been accepted, you can still take advantage of this offer).
  4. Upon acceptance and arrival at Briercrest as a student we will offer you a tuition waiver of $100-$500. See the waiver calculation below to find out how much you're eligible to receive. 

Your visit is very important to us. Our staff and faculty look forward to seeing you on campus and showing you all about life here at Briercrest! 

Tuition Waiver Calculation 

Find out how much you're eligible to receive by calculating your distance from the Briercrest campus (located in Caronport, SK): 

  • If you are coming from between 171km and 300 km, and you are travelling from within Saskatchewan, you will receive a $100 waiver.
  • If you are coming from further than 300km, and you are from Saskatchewan, you will receive a $200 waiver.
  • If you are coming from Alberta, Manitoba, Montana or North Dakota, you will receive a $300 waiver.
  • If you are coming from beyond the Alberta, Manitoba, Montana or North Dakota borders, you will receive a $500 waiver.

Eligibility for Tuition Waiver

A student who is new to the institution (i.e. have not previously enrolled in an on-campus program or course) and who is enrolling in a full-time credit program in Caronport, SK, at Briercrest College, Briercrest Seminary, or at Caronport High School is eligible for a tuition waver.

  1. If the student has participated in an official tour of our campus within fourteen months of his/her registration date, he/she is eligible for this partial tuition waiver.
  2. An official tour involves registration to Briercrest with the help of an Enrolment Services member, and the completion of a formal tour of our campus with an Enrolment Services intern or staff member. 

N.B. The student's home community must be 170 km or more from Caronport, SK, in order to be eligible for this waiver.

If you have any questions about the Student Travel Incentive, or if you'd either like to schedule a campus visit or to speak with a Briercrest Recruitment Representative, please feel free to contact our office by using the contact information below!

Phone: 1-800-667-5199
Twitter: @AskBriercrest
Mail: Briercrest Enrolment Services
         510 College Dr.
         Caronport, SK
         S0H 0S0

Admissions Requirements for International Students

Citizens or permanent residents of a country other than Canada must apply for and obtain a study permit if they wish to study at Briercrest for a period of more than six months.

The following criteria are applicable for prospective students who fit this category and who are requesting admission to Briercrest Seminary. Please note that we cannot release a letter of acceptance for the purpose of obtaining a study permit until you provide this information.

For admission into Briercrest Semenary, our international applicants must:

  • have earned an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.
  • be a professing and practicing Christian.
  • commit to live by the standards set out by Briercrest Seminary.
  • show evidence of being able to perform at a high academic level in English (see International Application below for more information).
  • deposit the funds necessary for one year of study (tuition + living expenses) in a Briercrest Student account.

American Students

No more Health Insurance premiums:

U.S. citizens studying in Saskatchewan can expect to receive free basic health coverage from the Canadian government while you study at Briercrest. Apply after you enroll, and you'll have your Health Card and coverage within three to six weeks.

You can expect an international experience!

U.S. citizens studying on our campus have the opportunity to experience Canadian culture and develop friendships with students and professors from across North America and from all around the world.

Getting authorization is easy!

Once you have been accepted, we'll send you a border crossing checklist and a Student Information Form to offer immigration officers. The checklist will remind you of everything you need to have pulled together before you cross the border (the list will also help the immigration officers to determine the specific dates that your student authorization will expire).

N.B. The processing fee is C$125.

This entire process takes place when you arrive in Canada,  either when you pass through Canadian Customs at the airport or at any Port of Entry if you come by vehicle. As long as you're a student in Saskatchewan, you can keep your state driver's license.

Our Briercrest grads have gained an excellent reputation:

Many of our Briercrest graduates have become active in full-time or part-time Christian ministries. Among other more diverse qualities, Christian employers recognize Briercrest College and Seminary graduates for the school's unique education experience, which both prepares our students to respond as disciples of Jesus and fosters competence and skill to serve in all sectors of the workforce. 

We offer all kinds of degrees!

Briercrest Seminary offers ATS Accredited degrees in diverse areas of study. Please take a look at our list of programs here!

Beleive it or not, Caronport, SK, is a fantastic place to study! Here's why:

  • the United Nations has named Canada one of the top ten best countries to live for several years.
  • staff and faculty live right here, on campus. Naturally, this means that you will have the unique chance to form meaningful relationships with your professors.
  • finally, our students and their families do not have the same safety concerns that they would have in an urban centre. If the need for help does arise, police officers, fire fighters, and first responders are all within a 15-minute walk of any place on campus!

Health Care

Briercrest College and Seminary students who come from outside of Canada need to apply for a Saskatchewan Health Card. To acquire this, we suggest that you contact Saskatchewan Health at 1-800-667-7551 before arriving in Caronport. Though not recommended, you can pick up the Health Care Application forms from Briercrest's Health Care Centre once you arrive on campus. Please note: these cards may take four to six weeks to arrive.

If you do not have Saskatchewan Health Coverage, you will have to pay for all medical services yourself. Coverage is provided for only one year at a time, so students need to reapply for their health cards each year. Renewal forms can be picked up at the Caronport Health Care Centre.

International Application

Getting student authorization is easy!

More than 130,000 students from other countries come to study in Canada every year. Before coming to our country, you will need to apply for a study permit. To receive information on the application process and to download application forms, visit Here is a summary of what you will need before coming to school:

  • a letter of acceptance from our school.
  • proof of adequate financial funding for tuition, room and board.
  • confirmation that you will return home at the end of your studies.
  • a medical exam (if needed).
  • a temporary Canadian resident visa (if needed).

N.B. The processing fee is C$125.

This entire process takes place when you arrive in Canada, either when you pass through Canadian Customs at the airport or at any Port of Entry if you come by vehicle.

Important Immigration Links:


Financial Details 

Information on tuition and other fees can be found here on our Briercrest website.

Student Employment

While attending one of our schools, students can apply for part-time work on campus in a variety of positions to help compensate for their living and education expenses. See above link for more information.


English Language Requirements

All applicants whose first language is not English must show that they are proficient in the English language. Students must submit a paper-based TOEFL score of no less than 550 for the college and 550 for the seminary. We will also consider MELAB, IELTS, and other approved ESL program scores.

The TOEFL test is recommended for students at the Grade 11 level or above; the test content is considered too difficult for younger students.

Proof of English proficiency may not be required for applicants who have attended secondary or post-secondary institutions where the language of instruction and examination is English. Feel free to contact our Admissions Office at 1.800.667.5199 or for further information. Please note that Briercrest College and Seminary does not currently have a centre for English language instruction.