Monica Crocker

Public Relations Representative Saskatchewan, Quebec, East and Northern Territories.

Email: mcrocker@briercrest.ca
Office Phone: 306-756-3298
Cell Phone:


...Canada? No.. but seriously. We never stayed in one place for long, so I've done  quite the tour of our beautiful country..

Rosenort, Manitoba

Barrie, Ontario

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan is where I did most of my childhood

Burnaby, BC is where I spent my teen and young adult years

Calgary, Alberta was next

And now I'm back in Caronport!


I grew up in a family of six, with a Pastor for a dad. Due to us moving around so much, I feel I had a bit of a unique experience growing up, but something that has always defined me was my passion for many things. I've played sports all my life (soccer and basketball mainly), played a bit of piano, trumpet, and did some touring with my high school choir. I have spent the past few years working as a Registered Massage Therapist, mostly with athletes of all levels. I love being able to help and serve people in whatever ways I can and having fun while doing it! I have always believed that energy and enthusiasm is contagious, so whenever I can, I'm usually that "cheerleader" in the back. I love meeting new people, travelling and trying new things. I believe that's me in a bubble right there! 

Favourite Caronport Passtime

I LOVE, love going to the Clippers games whether it is basketball, volleyball and hockey… all have such a unique atmosphere here. It's a great social event, and everyone gets so into them that it's a guaranteed good time!

Sage Advice for Students Heading to Briercrest

Always keep the door open for new experiences. This school has so many ways to get involved that there will always be something of interest for you. 

Take advantage of the social events. Even if you don't have a group of friends to go to them with, I guarantee if you don't know someone there already, you'll make a new friend. 

Make time to sit in the Cafeteria. Some of my best experiences as a student here have been in the cafeteria. It's a place where friends are made, jokes are placed, pranks happen, and deep conversations arise.

Get to know your profs. They love getting to know the students, and there are some amazing people that work here that you will wish you had gotten to know by the time you leave if you don't. 

Don't date for AT LEAST your first semester. Just trust me. 

Bring lots of blankets. Lots. 

And just enjoy. Soak it in. You will never get another experience like your time here.