Alumni Survey 2011

Points of Information

  • 65% of the survey respondents are alumni from the past three decades
  • 72% of respondents lived in BCS dormitories
  • 43% used government student loans to help pay for their studies; 17% used bank loans
  • 80% used employment earnings, including summer jobs, to help pay for their studies
  • 44% graduated without any indebtedness
  • 37% graduated with at least $10,000 in debt
  • 53% have (at some time) worked full-time in a vocational ministry position; 56% of those served in pastoral ministry
  • 63% of respondents have often been involved in volunteer and community service activities in the past year

Points of Affirmation

  • 91% of alumni surveyed would recommend Briercrest as a place to study to children, friends, or other family
  • 89% of alumni surveyed look back on their BCS experience with pleasure
  • 89% were satisfied or greatly satisfied with the overall quality of their BCS education
  • Of the 54% of those surveyed who attended other academic institutions after BCS, 92% of them stated that their study at BCS provided a comparatively higher quality educational experience
  • Over 85% of alumni surveyed affirmed that their education at BCS added to their spiritual, character, moral and ethical development
  • 92% were satisfied with their personal safety on campus
  • 87% were satisfied with instructional facilities
  • 82% say that their BCS education and training helped them to get their current job
  • 84% are satisfied with their current job
  • 46% are currently employed in a job that is directly related to the training and education they received in their BCS program
  • 88% attend church weekly
  • 78% read Passport

Points of Invitation

  • 18.7% of surveyed alumni received improved computer literacy training while at BCS
  • 12.5% of surveyed alumni acquired additional language proficiency while at BCS
  • 47% of surveyed alumni felt that their education at BCS provided them with skills, knowledge and abilities conducive to living in an international world
  • 33% are satisfied with BCS' commitment to environmental sustainability
  • 66% are pleased with the quality of BCS education today
  • 67% encourage prospective students to attend BCS; 36% have actually referred a student
  • 70% are confident that BCS is staying faithful to its mission
  • 34% of those surveyed have donated to BCS
  • 42% have been back to campus for an event since graduation